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The Österreichische Wasserrettung NÖ-Süd, AL Perchtoldsdorf is a social, sporting and humanitarian aid and rescue organization within the ÖWR Landesverband NÖ. (ÖWR NÖ-Süd AL Perchtoldsdorf)
Our task is exclusively and directly to create and promote all measures and facilities that serve to combat and prevent drowning death, especially instruction and training in swimming, lifeguarding, diving, rescue diving, in Operation of rowing and motor boats as well as the setting up and implementation of a “water rescue and disaster relief service” (ÖWRD).

Our focus in Perchtoldsdorf is the training to become a rescue worker and lifeguard (ÖRSA), as well as the acceptance of swimming badges (ÖSA), such as early swimmers, free swimmers, speed swimmers, all-round swimmers.

Support our voluntary work with your membership (20, - / year). You don't have to cooperate, but you can!

Our section “ÖWR NÖ-Süd section line Perchtoldsdorf” is a branch of the “ÖWR Landesverband Niederösterreich”. Our training and education facility is the FZZ Perchtoldsdorf, our immediate area of ​​activity is the Mödling district. Our task force cooperates with other sections and can be called up for supraregional operations.


Aspettenstraße 29, 2380 Perchtoldsdorf, Austria

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