Postal code:  2384

Area:  27.07 km²


Breitenfurt is one of the largest municipalities in the Mödling district in terms of area and is increasingly developing into a young municipality. In the middle of the Vienna Woods, close to nature and only a stone’s throw from the city of Vienna. Divided into two places, east or west Breitenfurt – each Grätzel has something for itself and its own character. There is no wall separating the two halves of the town, but there are supposed to be people from Breitenfurt who rarely enter the other town.

What very few people know, there is even a ski lift in Breitenfurt in winter! The slope is ideal for beginners, but also for those who have not stood on the boards for a long time or want to test new equipment. The 465m long double T-bar lift takes you from 385m to 475m above sea level, from where you can ski down the 0.8 kilometers of slopes in the west of the Mödling district. In summer the hilly landscapes offer wonderful hiking trails and space for other outdoor activities.